Tuesday, September 30, 2008

County Fair

We were lucky to be visiting TN the weekend of the county fair. I have never been before, although the park where it was held was my primary walking/camping spot when I was in college. I moved away 20 years ago and the fair started right after I left.

Ds with a prize pumpkin. It was fun seeing all the vegetables, but many of them were wrinkled and dried out by the time we saw them.

My mom had three entries and they all won blue ribbons:

Her barbie outfit won in the Doll Clothes category. Yes, that is a tiny fair isle purse and a pair of knitted pants. . .

Fair isle hat in Accessories.

Cardigan in the Knitted Clothing category. This sweater is from a Susan Duckworth book. Anyone remember her from the '80s? The sweaters are typically a combination of intarsia and cables, so they're very intricate and rich looking. Sometimes the silhouettes are a bit boxy and oversized, with drop shoulders.

I bought some corn meal that was ground on premises in a big gas powered grinder. It was $1 per pound, proceeds going to the volunteer firefighters or some such. I also bought some honey from the family of a boy I went to school with, but I missed seeing him, talked to his mom instead.

I worked on my cardigan a little bit and when I got home I noticed this:

I made two ribs in a row instead of alternating rib and cable. I'm glad I caught it when I did, so it was only a few rows to rip out.

Spent yesterday cleaning my rugs (aka dog toilets) on the driveway. I used Eucalan and Nature's Miracle in water. I put the wool rug away, so it won't be soiled any more, but put the jute rug back down. It's a cheapie from Pier One anyway, but I still feel like I can smell it. Hope this puppy trains soon, this is getting old. She's so sneaky.

The gas situation was bad up there too, but I got out early on Saturday and filled back up. Now I'm at 2/3 of a tank after the trip home, so I might spend some time today hunting out a gas station. I don't want to get into a bad squeeze like I did last week. . .


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