Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Took six 12 to 13 yo girls to the nail salon for mani/pedis and Cheesecake Factory for dinner. This was for dd's birthday. We usually have a pool party and sleepover at our house, so this was different and more expensive. I think dd liked it, but she still wanted everyone to sleep over. We had to drastically limit the numbers for this one, which made it easier for me. I can take six screaming squealers, but twelve, hard to handle. . .

On the 8th, I realized that I could probably join the Ravelympics but the deadline was the night before, so I missed it. I'm working on this while I watch the Olympics, anyway. It's the February Lady Sweater. Yesterday I realized that I messed the lace pattern up when I divided for the body, so I threw it aside in disgust and went outside to the pool. We've had wonderfully cool, unhumid weather the past couple of days.

I've been looking at the fall knitting and crochet magazines, and haven't seen anything much that I like, except for a couple of cardigans in Vogue Knitting, of all places. I had just decided not to resubscribe, and now I might change my mind. I really like a hoodie in there with a cable up the back, made in Wool Ease Bulky (can't find a link right now).

It's going to be BLTs and caprese salad this week.

I'm hosting at my book club on Wednesday, so I'm trying to decide what food to take. I'm also hosting another group at my house the next Monday. We have been trying to scale down the food at these things because some of the members feel a little put out at the effort and expense by a few people. I don't want to get too fancy, do you think it'll be showoffy to tell them that you grew the tomatoes?

The problem with growing Green Zebra Tomatoes -- how to tell if they're ripe. Can you see the golden color in the photo?  That's how you know.  I'm proud of these because I got the seeds from a tomato I bought at the Farmer's market.

This little tiny dog is already running the show around here.  So bossy.


Blogger vickibarkley said...

Love the mani/pedi shot. Denim Debs!!
And I am laughing at the little doggie with her nose where the cat obviously thinks it doesn't belong.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

you are a very brave mom!! I do love that photo of all the girls nails. They picked out some fab colors!

hehehe I'm still laughin at your puppy!

5:57 PM  

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