Thursday, September 25, 2008

Late Summer Garden

Oops, I guess it is Fall, technically.

We found this little guy floating the pool. He only needs a tiny Pina Colada, but we pulled him out and let him wiggle away.

The okra is 8 feet tall now and bearing a lot. I've been making shrimp gumbo in the crockpot, and freezing a lot of okra. I'm visiting my parents in TN this weekend, so I'll take some of it to them. (If I can find gas, that is. . .).

The sedum is almost the only flower that blooms this time of year, so it makes me happy. I got a few little transplants from dh's aunt and uncle in Illinois a couple of years ago and they are doing so well despite the heat and drought. Bees love these flowers.

The last Mortgage Lifter tomato.

Tons of Green Zebras (an indeterminate) still going strong. I just got this Tomato book, which I've been poring over planning what to plant next year. This book gives history and information on about 100 heirloom tomato varieties. The photography is beautiful, a great coffee table book. It has a long list of seed sources in the back too.

I also mostly read Heirloom by Tim Stark, which is bunch of essays on tomato farming and other things. He supplies all the fancy restaurants in NYC, so it was kind of fun to read about the chefs and their requirements. He lost me at the point of discussing Amish/Mennonite baseball (his farm is in Pennsylvania Dutch country). I give it about two stars.

I've been suffering under a nasty sinus infection for the past two weeks, but today is the first day I'm feeling almost better. I'm making slow progress on a cardigan, and reading a lot. We are having our broken and dangerous stairway railing replaced, so I've got workers in the house this week. I plan to spend today driving around searching out a gas station, so I can make the trip this weekend. See you next week. . .


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