Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Who's Next?

Happy 4th of July. . .

Pirates of the Caribbean bone cage (made from Styrofoam actually). . .


Some random Disney photos for you. I hope you'll humor me, there's been not much crafting at all. When we got home from vacation the hermit crab was dead and then yesterday the guinea pig died while I was at the emergency room with ds getting his head stitched up from slipping on a rug and hitting his head on a chair. . .

I feel bad about the piggy. She was five, which is a good long life for a guinea pig (I think 8 years is the max typically), but she died outside where I put her to eat grass while cleaning the cage. She had some water when I put her out but I ended up being gone all afternoon, what with the stitches and all, and the water was all gone when I found her.

I really expected by 17-yo dog to be next, but thankfully, knock on wood, she is still around, peeing on my rugs like a champ.

I have another trip coming up this weekend, which involves air travel. As I'm getting older, I DREAD travel, just hate it. On the way to Orlando last week, I RAN OUT OF GAS. By myself. With the kids. On the Turnpike. It was not fun. I was so focused on not getting us lost that I forgot about the gas gauge. I have never run out of gas in my life until then, just to let you know about the personal stress level involved with travelling. . .

Thanks for indulging the expression of my neuroses.

In other news, I am about to run out of yarn for the granny square blanket. I think I've made about 75 squares, so I need to get to 81 or some number that multiplies into a rectangle or square blanket. My original goal was 100, which would be a 70" by 70" blanket, but I think I can go a little smaller, since I'll never match dye lots on the yarn. I've been working on it since March, so it will be nice to get in a final push of end weaving and sewing up. Next week, I hope.


Blogger Lori said...

Oh, running out of gas, how scary. I like to travel but I really like coming home!! Hubby is the one that really doesn't care to travel

11:34 AM  

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