Monday, June 18, 2007

New Clover Stuff

I ordered some Crochet Lites from Clover the other day and happened to notice this rotary cutter light. At first I was thinking this is silly, I never cut things out in the dark, but I couldn't resist trying it. I finally tried it out this weekend.

It fits onto a Clover rotary cutter with sticky tape. It has a little switch to turn it on and off and runs on about 3 of those tiny watch batteries. It's the green part with the clover on it in the photo.

Even though I was cutting in broad daylight and with lights on, it was really quite helpful to have that extra light. If you were using a dark fabric or fussy-cutting a quilt, it would come in really handy. It would be great if you have a basement sewing room or like to sew at night. Since I am on the other side of 40 now, I have much more trouble seeing under poor lighting conditions, so I think this will be useful for me.

I had never used this brand of rotary cutter either, and I like the feel of the handle, much softer than my usual Olfa. I'm not sure how well the light would fit on another brand of cutter, but I guess you could try it. The sticky tape fits around a curved area on the cutter which means it would be hard to make it fit without redoing the tape part in another shape.

The other thing I got was this cute crochet hook set.

These are the Getaway Soft Touch Crochet Hook Set. This is my favorite crochet hook so far, so I thought I might save a little buying them at once rather than separately. Also, I love the cute cozy they come in.

Note that if you order from their U.S. site, the orders are fulfilled by U.S. vendors. My order for lighted crochet hooks and rotary cutters came from one shop fairly quickly, but the crochet hook set took much longer (was backordered) and came from a different vendor who sells on Ebay. Just so you know. . .



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woot! cool new toys : )

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