Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Swimsuit

Isn't this the tackiest fabric ever? I keep thinking of *Love, American Style*. . .

It's basically the same as yesterday's suit, but I wanted to try not using Powernet on the tummy and see if I like the result. If it doesn't work out, and my tummy is rolling down around my knees, I can always wear the suit in the backyard and not go public in it. I'm hoping the skirt will hide that little problem. I haven't tried it on yet (men with hammers in my bathroom, etc.) to test the theory.

Here's a closeup of the leg elastic.

I have one more piece of swimsuit yardage and I just might make it up tomorrow if I get a chance, it's really quick to do since I have all my machines and supplies set up from the last one. Crossing my fingers that the kids will go without asking for food for longer than an hour.



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