Friday, June 08, 2007

Bath Remodel

I've been waiting for that relaxed summer feeling to take over, but I can't find it. As school was winding down, I was fantasizing about lazy mornings, relaxing afternoons, etc. I guess I forgot about camps, swimming, and the bathroom remodel.

This year dd is old enough to ride her scooter to swim practices, so I DON'T HAVE TO GO. This is such a foreign idea to me, I'm so used to transporting and waiting for children, that it seems WRONG and STRANGE. But I think I'm gonna like it.

My contractor (the guy who did such a nice job on the sewing room) sliced his leg open with a circular saw, requiring 100 stitches and a few weeks recuperation (a bad, bad, thing -- take safety precautions seriously, y'all). So he's just now getting started. That means I have to get in gear and pick things out. My inspiration for the bathroom is this bowl:

I love the sea glass, sea shells, etc. I bought this on vacation last week because I thought it would look pretty filled with shells. I spent the afternoon at Expo Monday, sitting in bathtubs and picking out tile. This is a bad photo, but I found this:

The geometric sections and half round are glass. Just perfect, I think. Now I'm trying to pick vanities and that part isn't easy.

My current crochet project is a gift for a sometime reader, so I have to keep that super secret. Getting to the sewing room seems like an impossible task right now, but when the banging on the house starts, it might be my escape. The first board they pulled off revealed termite damage, so I can tell it's going to be a long haul.



Blogger Debbie Cook said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the termite damage isn't as bad as our was. It looks horrible, but it's really not as hard to fix and make right as it looks so keep that in mind!! Oh, if you don't have an annual pest control contract, get one now. ;-) We've found that local companies are just as good (and cheaper!) than the rip-off national companies you see TV ads for. Poison is poison IYKWIM and the big companies are great at scaring you.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Love your inspiration piece, your going to have one lovely bathroom! Ack! your poor contractor. 100 sts that's a lot! Hope the termite damage isn't bad.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Aim said...

I love that bowl, how great to base your remodel on something that you already know works!!! Good luck.
I am starting some Christmas knits for gifts, so I know what you mean about keeping secrets--it's so hard b/c I have my own blog:
and can't post things to it except hints. It'll be worth it in the end, though!

2:27 PM  

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