Friday, March 30, 2007

Why the Grannies, Ripples?

Because I grew up with them, you see? That's me at Christmas, 1979. See the ripple afghan made by my grandmother? My mom made the Lanz nightie (plus matching ones for her and my sister).

I got the true story of the granny square vest from my mom last weekend. My grandmother bought the pattern and yarn to make it and made one square. She didn't like how it was coming out (Mom's not sure why), so she gave it to my mom to finish it. My sister wanted one with purple in it, so mom made hers purple, red and white.

She says that both of us wore them quite a bit. Tres stylish for 1973. . .

I love the idea of making the same thing as my mom and my grandmother, I'm irresistably drawn to these things.

Dogwoods from yesterday's nature walk/ant bullying session:

We're leaving for Orlando day after tomorrow. Basically, it's the same exact vacation we took last year, Nick Hotel, Discovery Cove, Sea World, Disney. . . I'm trying to decide what to work on in the car. I think granny squares and a sock, and maybe the ripple for the hotel room. (I just don't want a repeat of last year's losing the knitting bag, argh. . .)

I'll leave you with a couple of interesting links to explore while I'm gone next week. I saw This linked on another blog. Make sure to check out the fabric on this tote. Makes me want to start screen printing my own fabric. . . This is kinda fun too. I haven't watched any of the shows, I don't have a video Ipod and haven't had time to watch over the computer. However, I'm getting to the point that if I see one more tutorial on how to recycle a pair of jeans, I'm gonna stab myself with a seam ripper. . .


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