Thursday, January 04, 2007


I decided to sign up for this. And here is where I stand as of today:

Gotta start somewhere I guess. The kids are home this week, so it's hard for me to exercise. Today I took them with me to the park/playground adjacent to their school, and I made the older one babysit the younger while I walked on the path. Of course she had not charged her cell phone, and it cut off while I was walking.

I felt like a slacker mom for leaving them - all the other kids were toddlers and preschoolers there with their moms and here I was LEAVING MY CHILDREN ALONE. . . And in public too.

And of course as soon as I posted resolutions yesterday, I remembered that one of my sewing resolutions is to make a quilt this year. I'm still in the thinking/planning stages.

I registered for the Sewing Expo. I signed up for a couple of speed sewing classes with Peggy Sagers and a learn to crochet class, plus an embroidery class for knitters taught by Fiona Ellis. I really wanted to take one of Annie Modesitt's classes, but they are all in the evening and I need morning classes and to be home by 3:00 p.m. for the school bus.

I hope I can go this year. Two years ago, my mother was sick and I had to give my tickets away. Last year I waited too late and didn't take any classes. I have a box of fabrics I hope to donate to the premie sewing group if they are there.

Most of my day was spent with laundry and car cleaning, but I've been sneaking in some knitting on the Clapotis. God, it's boring. I'm about to finish up my third ball of Koigu and I'm not sure how much I can take.


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