Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today's Project: Paper Doll's Lab Coat

I never imagined I would be making that.

The assignment was to research an inventor, and then outfit the paper doll as that person, attaching an item that they invented. Ours was Barbara Askins, a NASA chemist who invented processes for developing photographs. (We later stapled a photograph of dd to her hand.) Of course, now I'm thinking dd might get in trouble for not doing the actual work on it, but she did all the research and writing herself, so we'll see what happens. I typically don't help with these things very much.

I started with an American Girl doll pattern for a *school blouse*. It had princess seams and a curved hem. Basically, you don't need to accomodate curves on a flat, 2-dimensional paperdoll, so I traced the basic shape and made a pattern from that. The AG pattern gave me the idea to double the front pieces, eliminating the need for a facing or placket. I used the AG collar pattern too.

I always have fun making these things on the fly.

I got a Bernina IS60 iron (Scroll down) for my birthday. Can't wait to try it out. I typically buy the cheapest, no shut-off iron I can find, which promptly breaks and then I throw it out. It will be very different having a *nice* iron. I'll have to make sure not to drop it, yikes. . .


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