Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Already?

Dd went to her last sewing class yesterday and made this drawstring backpack.

I found a link to some instructions and a pattern Here. These bags seem pretty popular -- dd has one for her girl scout books, and another she got as a birthday party favor. My MIL was here a couple of weeks ago and said that our cousin had a Nike bag for her basketball clothes and another girl stole it. . . So we bought the cousin another bag.

You know, Aboutdotcom has a lot of good projects and info, but I cannot stand the popups and the ads. It's a shame.

I'm still knitting little holiday things. I've moved on to tiny mittens, I'll get the pair finished today and post a pic later. The elves at my house need some handknit accessories -- it's cold here today.

I got the latest Burda WOF and drooled over a few items. I love this jacket:

But I think it's the fabric and the color rather than the pattern working it's magic on me.

But good lord, they put the Plus clothes on a matchstick girl. They are gigantic on her -- I hate that. By the way, I never look at the early preview on the website, I like to have a first look on paper, so excuse me if others have similarly registered their shock on the message boards.

There is a Bread Followup Article which specifically states not to heat your LeCreuset lid above 400 degrees. Ahem. Next time I will unscrew it. I used the pot last night to make a slow cooked chicken with mushroom gravy and it's still usable, but looks chipped.

I plan to get my Christmas cards finished up, make some gingerbread dough so the kids and I can make cookies this afternoon, and maybe start on some humbug bags for teacher's gifts. I found the pattern yesterday and I have a bunch of red/green quilting cottons pulled from the stocking sewing session. Just need to thread up the machines with red. . .


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