Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Rehash

The cabin in the mountains was lovely. Here's a shot that dd took while standing in the river on a rock. We couldn't have asked for better weather -- cool at night and warm sun in the day time.

My parents and brother came for Thanksgiving dinner. It was warm enough to eat outside on the deck, which was very nice. This cabin wasn't on the river, but on the side of the mountain, with a little screened fishing porch down by the river. Being on the deck was like being up in the tree tops.

We drove on a narrow, stomach turning, winding, mountain road over to Helen, GA. I would call Helen *Gatlinburg, Jr.* if I had to give it a name. We took the kids on a little horse and carriage ride and ate lunch at a German themed place. Bratwurst anyone?

The next town over has a folk pottery museum, which is dh's thing:

It was nice, but most of the info was stuff I had already read in the Foxfire books. Dh has so much of the pottery (and makes so much of it) that I don't get very excited looking at it any more.

I worked on some santa hats from Handknit Holidays.

The pattern as written has you start the decreases on the body right away, which makes a much too shallow hat. I decided to knit even for an inch and a half or two inches before starting the decreases, which makes it long enough to cover the ears and for the top to fold over a little bit. I think my gauge was a little small, so I'm sizing up and making them deeper. That's all I've had time for, but these are quick and fun to make.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Love the santa hat, very cute!

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