Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bah Humbug Bags

I love making these. My favorite part is quilting them. One of these days, I should get brave and try some free-motion quilting instead of a grid pattern, but there is something satisfying about the back and forth across a small area. It's so easy to change directions on a small piece. I used red pearl crown rayon thread from YLI in the bobbin. I always feel so smart when I use decorative thread in the bobbin. It's like *wow, look at me, finally using and justifying the features on this fancy machine.*

And then I messed up. (Hence the Bah!!)

I sewed the first seam the wrong way and didn't notice until I had serged and and sewn all three bags.

They're still usable, but aren't as cute as they're supposed to be. Actually, this shape would make a great pocket tissue dispenser in a smaller size. . . The recipients of these won't know the difference of course.

I finished reading Dicken's A Christmas Carol, the December book selection for Knit the Classics. I think these bags might be my entry for that knit/craft along. . .


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

cute little bags, love the fabric you used : )

5:46 PM  

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