Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Wednesday

I have nothing remotely interesting to show you from the sewing room or the knitting lair. So I will distract you from that with a couple of photos from the kids' activities that take up my time these days.

Yes, all the horses are at attention because one of their brothers broke loose and ran around the farm. Someone was playing a trumpet at a house near by at the same time they were trying to load him into a trailer for a horse show and he freaked. I had fun watching them catch the guy and he still wasn't in the trailer when we left. . .

And here's my swimmer. Nothing much to say about that one (no I didn't make that suit, sorry).

Knittingwise, I am halfway through the bottom ribbing band for the polarfleece jacket (2 sleeves and collar are done). Can't wait to get that finished and move onto the Charlotte's Web shawl again.

Sewingwise, I plan to take my machines in for service (today, I hope) while I'm on vacation, so they will be clean and ready to roar when I get back.

Readingwise, damn. If you pick up the summer New Yorker fiction issue thinking, oh joy!, then put it down. This week's issue is on war stories and the short story about the Rwanda genocide is one of the most shocking, soul-destroying things I've read in a while. The soldiers' writings home are pretty sad too. You will want to jump off a bridge after reading it. Glad I didn't save it for the beach. I'm looking for a nice antidote in my reading stack -- maybe I'll go back to juvvie books. I think I just got Superfudge (Judy Blume) from Hamiltonbooks.


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