Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beach Trip

It's the 8th year that dh's family has taken this trip, renting a big beach house in the same neighborhood. We used to stay in a smaller one 3 rows from the beach on a golf course. Now we're staying ocean front and close to a hotel because the teenagers enjoy walking down there to (watch boys?) drink virgin daiquiris? Something.

Shelling was bad when we first got there, so we chartered a small boat (if you can call it a boat, it was a rubber raft with a motor on it) and went to a neighboring island on a shelling expedition/dolphin cruise.

Riding in the boat.

Dolphins! It's so hard to get a photo with a digital camera.

More dolphins! The shelling was terrible on the island, but after we got back to where we were staying it picked up. It's a mystery to me what determines whether the shells are abundant or not (weather? tides? season?).

I don't have a photo, but we found 5 or 6 shark's teeth on this trip. There were a lot of patches of small broken-up shell and if you looked through those you could find them. I found two black ones, the rest were more gray or gray/pink. This is the first time I've ever found any.

There was a big piece of driftwood right in front of the house. You can see one of the shell patches around it. People were stopping to sit on it and take pictures constantly. We had a professional photographer come to take some photos, need to go pick mine out, it's gonna be expensive.

Starfish. Love the pattern he was making in the sand.

This year's tattoo. They never last long enough.

I got about 3 letterboxes, the mosquitoes were rabid, so I didn't do more than that. The kids parasailed, we got our nails done, worked some jigsaw puzzles, played mini pirate golf, painted pottery, shopped some. A very nice trip. Now I'm headed to Snapfish to work on a digital scrapbook. I need to do last year's too, thank goodness I didn't take a lot of pictures this time.


Blogger laura said...

I love sand dollars and I've only ever been able to find a part of one. Your kids are going to have great memories of their vacations. I would love to try digital scrapbooking but have no idea where to start!

6:37 AM  

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