Monday, March 02, 2009

Shanghai - Odds and Ends

This will be my last post on Shanghai, I've already posted the most interesting photos, and I made a photo book at Snapfish, which has already arrived.

Here's a view of a school that was beneath our hotel window. You can see the kids lining up for P.E. It was fun watching them jump rope and do calisthenics from way up high.

A warrior from the Shanghai Museum. I wish I had precise info about him, but I was lax about that. I got some really gorgeous photos in the museum, couldn't believe that photography was allowed.

That's me finding a geocache. This was a *virtual* one where you have a photo taken in a particular place, as opposed to finding a film canister and signing in on a log. I was so excited to find one there, and I only had time for one.

I bought the Garmin Citymap China software for my Garmin Nuvi (which is a car model). Shanghai is building so quickly and changing the roads, so I found it not to be so accurate. Mostly I had it on when we were riding in the car, just to see if I could follow our path, and it didn't work very well. I left it with my friend because she has a Nuvi too, although she doesn't use it because she has a driver in Shanghai. Her teenagers might enjoy playing with it, maybe I can indoctrinate them to geocaching.

I wanted to find a letterbox too, but didn't find any listings for Chinese letterboxes (there must be some, I'm sure of it). . .

Last, I present a very cool feature (if it had worked) at our hotel. There was this little clothes dryer next to the hair dryer. You put your clothes in and then take the hair dryer wand and place that inside the little clothes dryer and it starts to turn. I couldn't get the wand to stay up in there, so I ended up line drying my things, but it's a great idea.

That's it for the odds and ends. I have a few knitting FOs for February that I will post soon. We have a snow day today and the kids aren't up yet, although I don't know what we'll do all day since the snow is melted and it's cold and wet and icky today.



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Thanks for the tour of Shanghai! It sounds like you had a great stay:-)

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