Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Illusions

I spent the holidays at my ILs and my parents, so I did quite a bit of knitting during the down times. (Amazing how much more time you have if you're not in charge of cooking and cleaning.) I couldn't get enough of the illusion cloths.

I'm finding that I hate to use stockinette dishcloths, I only like them if they're garter stitch, because they're thicker and they don't roll up. That limits the number of designs to knit, however, and I can't make only Grandma's Favorite or I would die of boredom.

I gave them all away except for the candy cane.

I'm glad to be home, and we've been cleaning out (or dh has) and putting away the Christmas stuff. I made hoppin' john and spinach casserole yesterday so we could have a lot of green and jingling money this year.

Dd is at horse camp this week, visiting a horse rescue today in the rain. Ds is bored with everything already, so he's having a friend over this afternoon. I rented some movies, so I hope to knit and watch all weekend. It's supposed to rain, so it might be a perfect time.



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