Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shanghai - Food

So my first post about China will cover food. My Dad will be dying to know what we ate for breakfast and I tried to document a few meals. First is fried rice. Hot dish.

Cucumbers marinated in a chili sauce. A cold dish.

Dumplings, crab and pork. This was a meal at a high-end dumpling restaurant in the Super Brand Mall called Din Tai Fung. They have locations in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and in the U.S. (Arcadia, CA). We had some decent Chinese wine here too, *The Great Wall* brand.

Next, a few sights at the supermarket.

Squid and mystery seafood.

I think this is called Ugli fruit. It is a fruit that smells really bad but tastes really good. I found the smell to be similar to sniffing a bottle of kids antibiotic medicine (the pink stuff).

Eels, frogs, turtles. To eat. Not pets. Ugh. . .

I should have taken some more produce photos. We were in a large French-owned store, called Carrefour, where my friend normally shops. It was huge, and very similar to a Walmart or Super Target in the items it carried. I found some fun Chinese craft books there too.

Last, a salad.

With Octopus on it. I made myself try one bite, then picked the rest off. The salad was good otherwise, with warm potatoes in it, and some mystery nuts or beans. This was in a Mediterranean restaurant.

We ate breakfast at the hotel since it was included with our room. Every morning there was a chef cooking omelets to order, congee (rice soup that looked like grits) with pickled vegetables, a salad bar, Chinese dumplings or pork buns, fried rice, a pork dish, a chicken dish, bacon, baked beans (for the Brits I suppose), sausage, ham. There was usually a hot American style dish like French toast or pancakes. Cold items were cereals, fruits, yogurts, pastries, breads, juices and milk. They had coffee and tea, the only item I thought missing was water.

We had such a great time. I'll post again with some general tourist photos, craft stuff, and shopping.



Blogger Babs said...

YOU are an excellent still life photographer! :^) I can't believe you were able to try a bite of octopus! That had to be the least appealing salad I have ever seen!

11:24 AM  

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