Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bird Seed Tote Bag

I borrowed this idea from a link to someone's blog, but I don't remember where. I think she took one of the bigger sized bird seed bags and made several totes from it. I hate to borrow it without referencing where the idea came from, but I honestly don't remember.

My bag was a good size for a tote. The top and bottom edges had been coverstitched with some paper tape, so first I ripped that stitching out, washed out the bag, and hung it to dry. I decided to sew the bottom of the bag right sides together.
The sides of the bag were already creased into shape and I wanted to keep the shape, so I sewed across the short sides, in addition to long ways across the bottom.  (I used a jeans needle, a longer stitch length, regular thread.)

To sew the T- shape, fold it back against the first long seam, start in the middle and sew outward.  You'll have to flip it in the other direction and sew the other side, again starting from the middle.
For the top of the bag, fold down and press with your fingers (remember, no iron, or you risk meltdown).  Sew hem.
Add straps.  Mine are made from belt webbing I had on hand.
The finished bag.  You could attempt a squared off bottom, so it will sit better, but I decided the sewing would be much easier to sew it straight across because I could turn it inside out.  I took it shopping the other day and got quite a few compliments.  I think this particular bag would like better with red handles.  Mine are short because the bag is longer than a standard tote and would drag the ground otherwise.  



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