Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shopping in Shanghai

I shopped a lot in Shanghai. Actually, I don't enjoy shopping very much, and really despise haggling. Dh likes to shop for fake goods, and had a long list from his family. (I prefer having the real thing if I'm going to have it.)

We got a great deal on

pearls. This set, of a necklace, bracelet and earrings (dd was wearing those so they don't appear in the photo) cost about $40 US. I'm not any kind of judge of quality, but they were medium size and of a consistent round shape. They string them for you and let you choose the clasp and the length, etc. This was from the pearl market at the underground market place under the Science and Technology Museum metro station.

We also bought glasses at a vendor in the same market.

I bought 3 pairs, and my friend bought 3. I ended up paying around $70 US per pair for one pair of bifocals and two pairs of trifocals. These are mine, bifocals, but they are not progressive lenses, so I'm not that happy with them. The trifocals were progressive and my ILs were very happy with theirs. (Try picking out glasses frames for two people who are not there -- very difficult!) The negotiation for these about killed me, the first number they gave me was over $300 per pair and we ended up at much less. I had to pick up the prescriptions and walk out, etc.

Here's a cute bag made from a Chinese jacquard fabric, covered with vinyl, so it doesn't get dirty or picked. They had some pretty bags made from that fabric, but it's not very durable with out some protection.

Ed Hardy sunglasses. The teen girls in the family wanted Ed Hardy sunglasses and belts, which were everywhere.

Snacks -- squid, sesame walnuts, and flower tea.

Pocky and Lay's chips in Mexican Tomato Chicken and Italian Red Meat Flavors.


A fashion magazine for dd on left. You gotta love seeing a Chinese National Geographic, there is irony there somewhere. . .

Chuy the Chihuahua in her Chinese coat.



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