Sunday, December 21, 2008


I made some dough a couple of days ago and we made cookies today. Gingerbread.

A ton of them.

The recipe called for 7 cups of flour and my mixer almost gave up the ghost.

The kids had fun decorating them.

Yesterday we saw the Atlanta Ballet Nutcracker at the Fox Theater. It was so elegantly done, great dancers, beautiful costumes and scenery (no pandas fell into the orchestra pit either).

 I've been noodling around with snowflakes.

I saw a German or Dutch pattern somewhere that showed an entire tree in red snowflakes, so I wanted to try them. Now I need to get some red ribbon to match.

Packages are wrapped and we're headed to Illinois tomorrow. I washed all the clothes, packed, left instructions for the pet sitter, etc. Whew. We're leaving bright and early and I think the weather will be cold but clear. I'll see you back here around New Year's.


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