Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday Time!

Eight years old and greedy for presents.

This was a week of baking, mostly. Tuesday I made cupcakes to take to school, and then Thursday I made a chocolate cake, which was very ugly but tastes pretty good. Both times I used a really dark cocoa, which seems to make the frosting dry or something, so you have to add more liquid ingredients.

Also, I bought a Sideswipe Blade for my mixer and it seems to make everything slosh out when I use it. My Kitchenaid needs a tuneup or something, I hate to blame it all on the new blade, need to look into having it all realigned, I think. I never had problems with it throwing the contents out of the bowl until recently.

Ds and I made this gingerbread house last weekend, from a kit we bought at Kroger. What a timesaver not to have to make the cookies for the structure. We had a few hours to kill while dd was busy taking a test, so we were able to go out and buy the kit and put it together in one morning.

My birthday is today, and I had a birthday coupon from my LYS, so when I saw this cardigan pattern I went and bought some yarn. I ended up buying a variegated purple, because they had it in stock and said that this particular yarn company was an unreliable place to order from. I am trying not to buy variegated yarn anymore, because although I love it in the skein, I often hate the finished item. So, I'm having buyer's remorse already!

Still working on the felted backpack, I've lost my mojo a little bit on it. I think during the felting process, the whole bag got a little twisted or something, so I can't get the straps centered and it is bugging me. I'm doing small steps on it and then standing back to decide whether to redo or not. I want to love this bag, not hate it.

Tomorrow we're having ds's party at the bowling alley.  I ordered a bowling themed cake from Publix for that.  Whew, enough baking. . .  


Blogger marit said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope it's a great day:-) Also congratulations to your son. The gingerbreadhouse looks great!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Happy birthday to you and your ds. My hubby's birthday is today, too.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Micki said...

Happy Birthday! The Gingerbread house looks grand. We're making ours tomorrow with a kit from Costco. I made the pieces for a train a few years ago-what a job that was! You are so lucky you can bake for birthdays at school. All of the goodies we send in for the kids (birthdays, holiday parties, etc.) must be store bought. So everyone pretty much sends in donuts because store made cupcakes are very expensive and cakes are not really easy for the teachers. Can't wait to see your new sweater. Have fun at the bowling alley tomorrow.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Ursula said...

Where did you buy the BCake candles/sparklers?
We used to have them in Germany, but never saw them in USA.

10:24 AM  

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