Friday, December 05, 2008

Making Ornaments

Some tiny snowflakes, pattern at Ravelry. I can tell I haven't made anything tiny in a while, I think I need to make the picots in the front of the stitch instead of the back, so they don't stretch out. Ah, no one will notice but me. These are for ds's tiny tree, but he didn't seem very excited about them, so I might use them for mine instead. I put a couple of these in Christmas cards last year, but I hate the fact that people throw them away, so I'll use them as ornaments instead.

These Tiny Sweaters are so fun to make. I've made one every afternoon this week and I'm not tired of them yet. I love using up leftover sock yarn.

The cats are enjoying afternoon sun.

Tiger managed to knock the lid off the catfood bin this morning! And the sad thing is, he WOULD eat it all if he could. . .

We have a crazy busy weekend coming (which includes a horse show, SATs, basketball game, cub scout service project).  Must remember to gas up the car.  Dh is out of town until late in the month, so I'm doing all the driving. . .  I have felted bag that needs a sewn lining and was hoping to be in the sewing room this weekend, but don't see it happening. . .


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

I'm still laughing at the face your kitty is making! Nonono! It wasn't me!

I just love those snowflakes! They are fantastic I can't believe someone would be stupid enough to throw them out!

12:35 PM  

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