Friday, January 22, 2010

January Projects

This tree skirt was the cover photo for Crochet Today magazine, the November/December 2009 issue. I hemmed and hawed about making it, and then when we put up the tree and I couldn't find my tree skirt I decided to make it. By then, it was December 18th or so, and none of the stores around me had any of the yarn in stock. (I guess you have to buy Christmas yarn in October or something?) So, I ordered it and it came right around Christmas. Next, we took the tree down and I got started on it.

The yarn is Red Heart Holiday, which is an inexpensive acrylic. It's not the softest yarn, but it won't be worn next to anyone's skin. Here's a Ravelry link if you're interested in more info. As you can see, the makings for a bag are still lying on my sewing table, no more progress on that so far.

We had some unbelievably cold weather here in early January. I made another pair of Knitty's Fetching Mitts because I lost one of my old set.

These match a hat and scarf I made last year at the end of the season. The yarn is Knit Picks elegance, which is really soft and nice.

I have some light blue Lion Brand Cottonease, enough for a sweater. I've been looking for patterns on Ravelry and I think I'll be making a top down raglan cardigan. Still studying on that, but I'd love to have a new sweater for spring.

I haven't been very inspired to make much lately. We have a lot of questions and uncertainty on the employment front, which makes it hard to decide what to do. I'm going to be redoing a bathroom soon, basically just repainting it and making some new curtains. I'm actually thinking of purple.


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