Saturday, February 03, 2007

Soap, Project Spectrum

Here's what I managed to salvage from the soap molds. I made soap balls out of the spilled soap. Only time will tell if they'll be usable, I'm worried about lye pockets, but I'll be testing it on myself before I give any of it away.

Project Spectrum
The colors for February are blue, gray and white.

Wool for making Felted Totoros. I think the designer sells these in her etsy shop, but doesn't sell the patterns or instructions for making them, so I'm going to try to puzzle it out myself.

Aren't they adorable? My kids and I are in love with this movie.

Here's the Amy Butler fabric I bought in those colors, quite coincidentally. I think these will become summer tops or a skirt. I would like to make a bag out of what's left over.

The nice thing about Project Spectrum is that it can be any craft. It's so inspiring to think about a particular set of colors and what you can do with them, in any medium. Click on the link in my sidebar if you want to join. Also see what people are posting to the flickr group, very interesting.

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Blogger .x.Helen.x. said...

Those Amy Butler fabric are gorgeous - I'm looking forward to seeing what they become!!

7:43 AM  

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