Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Here he is, pre-felting. Stats: Patons Classic Wool doubled on size 10 needles. Stands 7" high, circumference 21.5". (Wow, he would make an awesome hat, he's just the right size!) I managed to knit on a stumpy tail. I think I might try to soft-sculpture some arms held down at his sides after I felt it. I'll have to see how pliable the felted fabric turns out.

Today I'll go buy some leather jewelry cord to make his whiskers, which I'll attach after felting.

I think I'll go to Hancocks, I want to pick up the new KS wrap dress pattern. I've also got to get some fleece for the Girl Scouts to make cat beds for the Humane Society. The girls are trying to get their bronze award, so they have to donate many hours of service to a charity to meet the requirements.


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